Tantra is the union of sound, breath and meeting sensations. The integration of sexual energy and connection to soul and spirit. 

I am Firefly, dedicated to men's and Transfolk's personal, spiritual, sexual growth and especially healing through Tantra. To be authentic with no shame. 

Using the ancient system of the seven Chakras, your body will be massaged, releasing blockages through these energy centres, allowing your sexual energy to flow throughout your body, giving the experience of orgasmic qualities in each chakra. 

In Buddhist and Hindu traditions Tantra is a path to your enlightenment.



My Tantric journey started in 2015 when I studied Tantric massage in Prague with Gay Love Spirit. I am currently training as a Tantric coach and teacher under the Tantra4gay men system of Tantra.

I initially trained in Swedish and Thai massage, but it wasn't until I became a Yogi, practiced meditation and researched the ancient chakra system that I found my calling to train in Tantric practices.


Like no other massage Tantra provides intimacy and connection between therapist and client that is integral in creating an energy flow between us.

I regularly participate in Tantra events around the UK and internationally and have found my passions have come together in practicing and developing my technique.

For centuries men and the transgendered community have been made to be ashamed of their sexuality and sexual desires. I am passionate about using Tantra to free them from this shame and allow them to fully experience their sexuality through spiritual enlightenment.

“Profound and deep levels of intimacy I had never experienced before”


Discounts for unemployed and students


1-hour body massage. Starting with ritual undressing moving to massage using oils, touch and intimate pressure to move your senses and sexual energy through your seven energy centres, experiencing the orgasmic qualities within.

Your whole body will be worshipped. You are asked to fully receive and feel no reason to reciprocate. You can stay exclusively with yourself and your own experience.

The entire session aims to reconnect your sexuality with spirituality.

£70 pay at appointment   


90 min Tantric massage starting with building intimacy between us through eye-gazing, intimate touch and ritual undressing.

Using oils, I will work with the Tantric energy throughout your whole body, concentrating on lingam and Rosetta massage.


You are asked to fully receive as the God and Goddess within you are worshipped.

This session aims to unblock the seven Chakras, raising the Tantric energy throughout your body towards an orgasmic state. 

£100 pay at appointment


2-hour Experience starting with building intimacy through eye gazing and ritual undressing. The next stage is ecstatic touch raising sensitivity and consciousness. Sitting together, we will create a deep connection between us by continuing ecstatic touch, which may be reciprocated should you wish. This will move on to a full-body massage using oils. Tantric energy will move throughout your body while concentrating on Lingam and Rosetta massage.

This experience can be designed for exactly what you wish to experience within our boundaries. I create a safe space where you are encouraged to show your authentic self with no judgement. Through Tantra you can access your true self with no shame.

£200 pay at appointment

Do you want to deal with a specific problem or trauma in your life?
Tantra can be used to help in many challenges relating to your sexuality, intimacy, or embodiment in a unique way that can't be treated in any other profession. Using a combination of coaching and practice I will help you with issues, some of which may include-

  • I'm dissatisfied with my sex life.

  • I want to play out my fantasies with no judgment.

  • I'm seeking more intimacy and meaning in my personal life.

  • I struggle with inconsistent erections.

  • I want more choice as to when I ejaculate.

  • Anal sex has been negative in the past.

  • I feel shame about my sexuality.

  • I have anxiety around intimacy.

  • I struggle to ask for what I want.

  • I want sex to be a spiritual experience.

After exploring why these issues are there through spiritual inquiry, we can use Tantric practices to focus on these issues. Consent essential.

Prior to being able to confirm this appointment, we will schedule a call to discuss your intention and what you'd like to work on.

£250 pay at appointment

FOUR HANDS_edited.jpg

Treat yourself to the beautiful experience of the four handed massage. 

You and I will have the amazing opportunity to work with a master energy worker and tantric coach, SensoBodied.

This will be an incredible session to bring sexuality, sensuality and spirituality into your body and mind. Including breath work, touch and intimacy.

We will start with ritual undressing and eye gazing to create a safe space between the three of us to really explore those places you may never have before.

Coaching and sharing can also be incorporated to work on bringing more joy into your life.

To see more of SensoBodied click here.

Prior to being able to confirm this appointment, we will schedule a call to discuss your intention and what we can provide.

Prices start at £200 for 90 mins or £300 for 2 Hours

The EROS TOUCH RITUAL is an award-winning massage created by Julian Martin in Zurich. It consists of an opening ritual with breathing exercises, various dynamically changing touch qualities, body2body massage and genital massage.
Inspired by different types of trance, breath energy work and massage techniques taken from numerous teachers from all over the world, such as Thai, Lomi Lomi and Swedish.

The ritual invites you to sink into deep relaxation, sharpening all your senses and letting yourself be accompanied on a journey of different sensations that will activate sexual energy throughout the body.

£200 pay at appointment

Julian Martin_edited.jpg

All Tantric massages are individual and performed respecting your boundaries, discussed beforehand. Consent is essential.

As naked is our most natural state, we will both be unclothed and take our place on a floor-height heated massage bed rather than a massage table. This way, I can use my whole body for the treatment. This is essential for Tantra, which makes it so different from regular massage.

In Tantra, bodies are temples, representing the divine. During a massage, every area is worshipped and touched in a sacred and sensual manner. I approach the genitals from a place of utmost love and reverence. There may be intimate touch such as genital (Lingam), anal (Rosetta) and sacred spot (prostate) massage if/when you're comfortable with that.

Tantra is an ancient belief system applied to massage and not a massage with a happy ending. I aim to give you a deeper experience.


  • All shapes and sizes are welcome

  • Drink plenty of water before your session

  • Eat a light snack 1-hour before your massage 

  • No alcohol or recreational drugs

  • Ensure good personal hygiene, wash before you arrive.

  • Please discuss any medical condition before appointment 




  • You will be invited to pay attention to your breathing 

  • Close your eyes and observe the sensations running through your body. This is similar to meditation, which will also help slow down the breath

  • If you feel uncomfortable with your sensations or the area being massaged, I will stop

  • Your boundaries are held with the utmost importance

  • At any point, if any techniques or exercises are too intense, please tell me so that I can adapt them



  • Drink plenty of water to flush through any toxins in your system

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and processed sugars for some hours afterwards

  • If possible, take a little nap, sleep or get into the resting yoga pose savasana



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I work from my home treatment room in Greenwich SE10

Close to Maze Hill station or 15 mins from Cutty Sark DLR or North Greenwich Jubilee line

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