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Firefly Tantra

Coach & Teacher



Tantra is the union of sound, breath and meeting sensations. The integration of sexuality and connection to soul and spirit. 

I am Firefly, dedicated to men's and transfolk's personal, spiritual, sexual growth and especially healing through sacred intimacy. To be authentic with no shame. 

My work uses the ancient system of the seven chakras, releasing blockages through these energy centres, allowing your energy to flow throughout your body, giving the experience of ecstatic qualities in each chakra. 

Facilitating and teaching workshops is my calling. Helping show that pleasure can be experienced without shame and even taken us into a higher state of consciousness.

For holding workshops and teaching please contact me via the contact form.

Tantra is your path to enlightenment.



My journey started in 2015 when I studied Tantric massage in Prague with Gay Love Spirit and then as a coach and teacher under the Tantra4gay men system of Tantra.​

I initially trained in Swedish and Thai massage. Still, it wasn't until I became a Yoga instuctor, practiced meditation and researched the ancient chakra system that I found my calling to train in Tantric practices. Whilst training I had some of the most profound experiences of pure bliss and love, which led to me wanting to bring this experience to others.

Tantra provides intimacy and connection between therapist and client that is integral in creating an energy flow between us.​

Please understand although I believe all sexuality should be celebrated, I am showing you how we can connect differently by redirecting the energy from one of physical pleasure, to a connection that is felt on an emotional and spiritual level.

I regularly participate & teach in Tantra events around the UK and internationally and have found my passions have come together in practicing and developing my technique.​

For centuries men and the transgender community have been made to be ashamed of their sexuality and sexual desires. I am passionate about using Tantra to free them from this shame and encourage them to fully experience their sexuality, even leading to spiritual enlightenment.



I will be holding workshops at this years Tantra Love festival in Glastonbury. It is a 5 day event with over 100 men.



A weekend retreat in the woodlands of Denmark

13th-15th Oct

Have you ever felt a longing for a deeper connection with others?

This weekend, the invitation is to use the tantric pathway, to explore your sexuality as a key to opening the door to divinity.



Join 10-14 gay, bi and queer men for embodied movement, connection, sensuality and healing in Southern Portugal at Casa Cales; a beautiful yoga retreat centre.

More info



£250 pay at appointment

Do you want to deal with a specific problem or trauma in your life?
Tantra can be used to help in many challenges relating to your sexuality, intimacy, or embodiment in a unique way that can't be treated in any other profession. Using a combination of coaching and practice I will help you with issues, some of which may include-

  • I'm dissatisfied with my sex life.

  • I want to play out my fantasies with no judgment.

  • I'm seeking more intimacy and meaning in my personal life.

  • I struggle with inconsistent erections.

  • I want more choice as to when I ejaculate.

  • Anal sex has been negative in the past.

  • I feel shame about my sexuality.

  • I have anxiety around intimacy.

  • I struggle to ask for what I want.

  • I want sex to be a spiritual experience.

After exploring why these issues are there through self inquiry, we can use Tantric practices to focus on these issues.

Practices may include massage and touch, Consent essential.

Prior to being able to confirm this appointment, we will schedule a call to discuss your intention and what you'd like to work on.

New Online 1-2-1 Workshop


5 online or in person 121 classes teaching the techniques for the multi-orgasmic experience. We will build toward the Multi-orgasmic Ritual by learning the techniques needed over five classes taken at your convenience. Discover the power and bliss that can be experienced with becoming multi-orgasmic.
Classes can also be taken as individual sessions for £100 or in person in my treatment room.

These sessions will need to be arranged between us via email or WhatsApp.

How I prepare for you...

When working with a client I only like to work with 1 person a day, This way I can be fully present and give you all of my energy and attention. This means there is no rush for your treatment. I also spend time meditating to get into the right energetic space to work with you as a healer and prepare the room, clearing previous energies. 

All practices are individual and performed respecting your boundaries, discussed beforehand. Consent is essential.​ In Neo-Tantra, bodies are temples, representing the divine.

During a massage, every area is worshipped and touched in a sacred and sensual manner. I approach the genitals from a place of utmost love and reverence. There may be intimate touch such as lingam, rosetta and sacred spot massage if/when you're comfortable with that. Tantra is an ancient belief system applied to massage and not a massage with a happy ending. This is a deeper experience.



  • All shapes and sizes are welcome

  • Drink plenty of water before your session

  • Eat a light snack 1-hour before your appointment

  • No alcohol or recreational drugs

  • Ensure good personal hygiene, wash before you arrive.

  • Please discuss any medical condition before appointment 



  • You will be invited to pay attention to your breathing 

  • Close your eyes and observe the sensations running through your body. This is similar to meditation, which will also help slow down the breath

  • If you feel uncomfortable with your sensations or the area being massaged, I will stop

  • Your boundaries are held with the utmost importance

  • At any point, if any techniques or exercises are too intense, please tell me so that I can adapt them


  • Drink plenty of water to flush through any toxins in your system

  • Avoid caffeine, alcohol and processed sugars for some hours afterwards

  • If possible, take a little nap, sleep or get into the resting yoga pose savasana



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I work from my home treatment room in Greenwich SE10

Close to Maze Hill station or 15 mins from Cutty Sark DLR or North Greenwich Jubilee line

Please check your junk mail if you are expecting a reply!!!


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